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Bridging visa A>B>A - Reset work limitations

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Hi all,

I am on a bridging visa A from a 461 application from a WHV and am nearing the 6 months restriction for my current role a these conditions carried over from my previous visa.

My current employer wants/needs to keep me longer than 6 months, I am going to submit a 1005 with a letter from them and me. Hopefully that is enough (is this the correct form?). I have red many WHV's getting longer than 6 months with the 1445 so would hope they're as lenient with the bridging for a 461.

Failing that, which is my concern, I read you could apply for a bridging visa B, leave the country and because you have switched to bridging visa B and then back to A the work restriction resets so in theory you have another 6 months. is this correct?

I am hoping immigration will understand why the 6 month is restrictive considering the visa processing time is now 27 months but i need a back-up as my employers need me to finish the project.

Any suggestions/help massively appreciated.

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I am am is the same situation on a WHV. I have 7 weeks from the WHV to when i go onto a BVA from a spouse visa application. 

I plan on doing the 1005 letter to allow me to work them 7 week to when my WHV runs out and i go onto the spouse visa Bringing visa A. 

Anymore information on this would be great. 


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Your situation is not the same as the OP, as, if you are applying for an 820 partner visa, you will go onto an unrestricted bridging visa when your WHV expires. If you want to work longer than 6 months for the same employer before then, you need to do the form 1445. 

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