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Major Help Needed!

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So I’m currently on my second working holiday visa and the job I’m doing have said they will sponsor me. I work for the authorities and my job is office based and on the jobs list (just a different job title). I also have 7 years prior experience. So that’s all fine, however on a WHV you can obviously only work for the same employer for six months, and my six months is up in the middle of July, so I’m really worried that they need to get a move on!! Can anyone advise me on what they or I need to do? I know they have sponsored people from overseas to come over and migrate here and work, but they haven’t ever sponsored anyone on a WHV. Should I get in contact with a migration agent? Should my employer do that? I’m just starting to panic a bit. It’s fantastic that they’ve said they’re going to sponsor me, but I don’t want to keep on and on at them asking questions about it! Another thing is, I’m currently working in my role through a job agency, so will this make a difference to them sponsoring me or complicate things? Basically I just need to know who needs to do what and if it’s me or them who needs to make the first move. Help!

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The employer has to do most of the work.  Most employers do engage an agent to do their side, because it's complicated and expensive.  

Their agent will act for the employer, not you, so you should consider getting an agent to represent your interests.  At the very least, have a free initial consultation with an agent to understand the process. They'll give you a quote so you can decide whether to engage them.  There are several good agents on these forums.  

You being on a WHV makes no difference to the process they have to follow.   

Question:  who has said they'll sponsor you?  Is it just your manager and is it just verbal, or have you had official confirmation and a job offer from HR?  

If it's just your boss, I would advise not getting too excited.  In my career as an office manager, I saw several department managers offer sponsorship to WHV workers - and I'm sorry to tell you that not one of them succeeded.

In a big company, especially if it's a government body, a manager doesn't have the authority to sponsor anyone.  Often when they make the offer, they have no idea how difficult and expensive it is, so they get a surprise when Human Resources knocks them back.  Firstly, the costs  may be over budget and can't be approved - it's not just the visa fee, but the agent's fees, advertising costs (they have to prove they can't find a local candidate), administrative costs to complete the considerable paperwork, etc.  Then there are company rules which may exist - the company may have a policy of recruiting overseas staff only above a certain level, or they may have an annual quota for overseas staff which they've already used up.  

If your occupation is on the skilled list for a permanent visa, then you'd be better off applying for a skilled visa in your own right.  

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