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Hi all!

after a little advice (and I’m sure it’s in here somewhere but we have a LOT of posts)

I’ve recently moved back to Sydney (worked in the UK for two years, missed it so much, and decided here is where I belong) and although I am originally British, I now have dual citizenship (thank goodness I got that after 8 years here)


my question is - my mum (only remaining relative - 69, healthy enough, retired, but without a pension, she owns her house and has no debt though) is in England. I miss her so so much. I realise visa wise it would take forever, or involve lots of money (once I’ve been back here 2 years) for her to move here.


however...the dream is I could spend a couple months in the UK each year (I’m freelance, well starting my own business, so long term will be possible) and she could come stay with/visit me for terms.


how long is she allowed to stay here, each year or at a time? And if (I doubt it but you never know) she ever needed a doctor, or severed a limb...would we/Australia leave or help!?


i know slightly silly/obvious questions but I’m keen not to be all excited about her coming here for a few months at a time, if it’s really impossible.


thanks so much


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Posted (edited)

General visitor/tourist visa is 3 months, however nationals from some countries (UK included) can apply to stay longer than that to visit family etc, either 6 or up to 12 months. Cost was about $150 from memory. It said on the application form to issue a longer validity visa (up to 5 years) the department may request a medical, however my mother in law who was 70 at the time was not asked to undergo one and the visa was granted within a few days. She stayed recently for 7 months.

The rule is no more than 12 month stay in 18 months, so if you stayed for a year you would have to leave a gap of 6 months before you came back again. 

UK citizens are entitled to reciprocal health care which covers emergency medicine only. You need to visit Centrelink with visa and passport etc and they issue you a reciprocal healthcare card to use. My mother in law did this and had an accident in a shopping centre, the Medicare card she held cut out a lot of red tape in terms of figuring out what she was entitled to and billing etc when she was in the hospital. 

It is recommended to get medical insurance, as even though medically necessary treatment is covered, ambulance cover isn’t nor is expatriation for e.g if the absolute worst was to happen, and that can cost well into 4 figures, if not more. It’s hard work figuring out exactly where the line is for what is deemed medically necessary, insurance gives you and your mum piece of mind.

Hope this helps a bit! 

Edited by Wonderingaloud

Due to escalating bills and budgetary cuts in the NHS, unfortunately, the light at the end of the tunnel has had to be switched off.

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That really helps thanks so much :)


Absolutely would get her some insurance, and its just reassuring she can stay for periods of time (I don't think she would ever be able to live here permanently anyway, but knowing she could stay for 6+ months at a time - thats great)


Appreciate the thorough reply,  and experience.



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