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190 Visa waiting 8 months since lodgement

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On 05/01/2020 at 00:44, Emma_M said:

Yes it’s been really frustrating, the hold up was form 1229 permission for my eldest to emigrate, although his father had filled in all the forms they wanted to call him to check details and were unsuccessful so this dragged things on and on, back and forth.

We eventually got asked for either the form again or a statutory declaration signed by a solicitor so went with the stat declaration this time, by then our medicals and police checks had both expired so are redoing them, all again full price over £1500 for us all, and my ex had a cheek to moan about the price of the stat declaration £120 😂, would’ve cost him nothing if he’d just answered the phone!!

anyway rant over!

hopefully it won’t be too long now, we’re hoping to make our activation trip next winter.

Glad your still progressing and should get over here eventually!


29/12/17 AHPRA logged,  31/01/2018 AHPRA asked for more docs,  20/02/2018 AHPRA rec'd docs, 27/02/2018 AHPRA extension app'd, 12/03/2018 Reg in principle, 29/03/2018 AHPRA Full Registration, 29/03/2018 Anmac Modified Skills lodged,   15/05/2018 ANMAC Mod skills Assessment +ve,  Aug. 2018 PTE-A (L:85 R:90 S:90 W:90),  South Australia State 190 Sponsorship Applied 08/09/2018, State Sponsorship Approved 08/11/2018, Lodged 190 visa 16/11/2018.  CO Contact for form 47a for migrating adult child, and non-migrating non-dependent adult children  9th April, 2019.    Grant 4th June 2019!!!! Job Offer Aug 2019, Flying to Oz October 2nd 2019✈️🇦🇺🌞

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I lodged my application on 23rd November 2018. and still waiting for the grant. Case officer last contacted in april.

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