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VETASSESS work experience while studying

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Hello forum members, I have been following this forum for a while. Thanks a lot for all the informative info. 
I have a question about Vetasses skill assessment for work experience while studying
, if anyone could please take the time and answer I would really appreciate.
I am looking to apply for skill assessment with Internal Auditor which falls under Group A and requires a minimum 1 year of post qualification work experience.
I have been working as an Internal Auditor since 2012 to date. However, I completed my bachelors on December of 2017. I continued my work while I was studying full time from 2014 to 2017. I am still employed as an audit officer with the same company.
So my question is will Vetasses only count my work experience after graduating from Uni or will my work experience before and while studying be counted too?
A break down- working as internal auditor with the same company from 2012 till date.
2014-2017 studying at uni while working at the same time.
2018- to date still employed with the same company under the same occupation (Audit officer).
Please let me know. Thanks

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