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SC189/190/489 Queries - 2019 Re.,

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Hi all, I am new to this forum, so can anyone advise on my SC189/190/489 EOI profile, with no work experience!. My points breakdown, as follows; 
(All other criteria rightly in place) ;-
Age (30 points), Education - Masters (15 points), Superior English PTE A - 90/90 (20 points), Skills Assessment - Positive, Overall: 65 points WITHOUT SS.
ANZSCO Code: 233512 (Mechanical Engineer), EOI Lodged for SC189, SC190, SC489.
EOI Date Of Effect (DOE): 17 December 2018.
Looking forward to SC189/190/489 Nominations!
If someone could clarify / suggest these for me please - a) Effectively evaluating my 100% chances of early invitations for all 3 Subclasses, b) Invitation Timelines for NSW / Victoria & other States.
Also, as anguishing as it may sound, my MARA Migration Agent has chosen "ANY" against the "States" column, instead of being more EOI Specific (if you know what I exactly mean). Kindly advise whether or not this affects my application. Hope not, God willing!. 
Feeling slightly concerned much. 
Thanks so much well in advance. Greatly appreciated indeed. Cheers! 🙂 🙂

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