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Vetassess: Renewal - expired skills assessment

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Hi All...

I am new in this forum,

By Feb 2013 we got positive assessment on 511112: Program or Project Administrator category from Vetassess. they assess 2 years of relevant job experience and one Bachelor Hons Degree and AQF Post Graduate Diploma.

That time we didnt apply for EOI , now want to apply for EOI. Assessment has expired , need to renew with addition job years and employers.

I Login to vetassess web account, but there is no option to apply for Renewal - expired skills assessment.

Anyone here who did this before or can help me or guide me regarding this issue.


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On 13/01/2019 at 03:59, wrussell said:


Hi Mr Russell,

What do u mean by Reapply, Apply for New Assessment? 

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On 13/01/2019 at 03:29, wrussell said:


I am writing to inquire about the renewal of my former vetassess skill assessment which was applied by the immigration consultant in 2014 and my file number is 14TH189797- Manu Thakur.  I am unable to retrieve my the password of my email in where the copy of assessment was sent to me. It was positive skill assessment in my occupation 242111. This assessment is expired and I want to renew my skill assessment. 
My employer is same only designation and length of experience is changed from assistant professor to associate professor and my experience is increased (current 7 year 9 months). Presently my age is 43 years 7 months. It is the last chance for me where I can claim the point of my age. Otherwise after that I will not be able to take it due to lack of points.
1. SRJDAB College, Ranipur, Sujanpur, Pathankot: Worked as Lecturer from 03rd July 2008 to 30th July 2011.
2. Lovely Professional University, currently working as Associate Professor since 11th August 2011 till date
Kindly guide me about the process of early renewal/reassessment to opt this opportunity.

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