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Biomedical Scientist skilled visa

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Hi guys 

Firstly Happy 2019! New year new hopes... right!

This is an all new topic. I am hoping to get advice as well as be able to assist someone out there or answer a few of their questions.

GOAL: My husband and I want to migrate to Australia this year under 189/190 or 489. (It will be returning for me)


Myself: Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science in Perth Western Australia -graduated 2015 but degree was not AIMS accredited (Had a scholarship so not much of a choice). AIMS assessed me as a Medical Laboratory Technician ANZSCO 311213 AS OF July 2015.

Husband: Bachelor of electrical Engineering in Russia (Seeking Engineers Australia advice on his degree) also graduated 2015

Both returned to our beautiful country in Africa and having been in formal employment since 2016

Current Status

1. Waiting to sit IELTS in March 2019

2. Thereafter, apply for our respective skills assessment

Will be sure to keep this topic update to date.

Hoping for the best!


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