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Return Resident Visa - fast track for compassionate reasons?

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Okay, so here's the background.......our Permanent Residency (Subclass 190) was granted in December 2013. We arrived in Perth January 2014. Family illness (in-laws) prompted us to return to UK, May 2014. Bereavement and life with three teenagers prevented us returning till June of this year (2018). So here we are back in Perth, I have a job (casual retail whilst I look for something more permanent and in line with my qualifications/experience etc.), Hubby is self-employed muso slowly building up his gigs etc. Youngest in High School, two oldest working. My siblings (and families) and my parents are all either Australian Citizens or long-term Permanent Residents (and living here in Perth). 

So, here's where it gets a little complicated. Travel facility on PR ran out yesterday. Sadly, it would appear that I will need to return to the UK in the very near future to attend the funeral of a much loved family member.

I am now in the process of applying for the return residents visa. I don't qualify for the 2 years residence requirement (our residence totals 10 months in the last 5 years) but I believe the above demonstrates significant personal ties? I have provided a copy of my employment contract for casual retail position, our lease for our home, my membership of a local arts organisation, my international movement record, scanned copies of my parents Australian Citizenship Certificates and my birth certificate.......do I need to include anything else? My husband and children will be remaining here in Australia whilst I go back for the funeral, so I am only submitting documents to prove my ties.....

Also, can I get the RRV application fast tracked for compassionate reasons? I believe I need to apply for a bridging visa as the rrv can take a very long time to process, can the bridging visa be fast tracked?

Time is of the essence. I hadn't anticipated needing to travel out of Australia for some time, so this has taken me a little unawares. All input gratefully received. 

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There is no 'fast track' process for RRVs. Bridging visas are usually relatively quick - you will need a BVB to travel and return.


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Paul Hand

Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1801974

SunCoast Migration Ltd

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HI Paul,


Thanks so much for your reply. Since posting, my Gran passed away on Friday, so I called up the DOI to see what could be done about my application and bridging visas etc. 

Agent at other end of phone advised bridging visa would cancel my current PR visa (!!??) and that there is a process in place for expedited processing of RRV for bereavement - he has sent a form to processing dept advising of bereavement pertaining to my application and the need for priority processing. I have uploaded proof of bereavement (confirmation from funeral directors of date of funeral) and a cover letter restating the circumstances around the need for expedited rrv (uploaded to immi account application). I am waiting on the outcome in order to book flights, so am contemplating just turning up at the Perth office later today to see if I can talk to someone face to face and push it along a bit.......

Any further advices/input etc gladly and gratefully received.

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Just to update for anyone finding themselves in a similar situation in the future:

RRV app submitted 05/12/2018

DOI contacted to advise of bereavement, expedited processing requested - 07/12/2018

Bereavement evidence and cover letter submitted to immi account - 08 & 09/12/2018

RRV granted for 12 months  - 10/12/2018

My advice would be to phone the DOI and plead your case. Follow their instructions and hopefully the turnaround will similar to the above.

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