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Penal Clearance for previous time living in Oz

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I'm new to this forum so I'll say "hi". I'm Alex and I'm hoping to move to WA in the New Year for a job in Perth. I'm being sponsored on a 482 4 year visa and about to submit the application, and trying to anticipate what supporting documents I'm going to need to provide. I know I'll probably need police checks for myself and my husband (who I'm sponsoring) from the UK, but I also lived in Perth 2013-215. When I first came back I was going to apply for 189 PR and was collecting my documentation, including the Australian Federal Police certificate. This is now technically out of date, as it was issued in 2015, but as I haven't lived in Australia since then I was wondering whether it would count, or if I should just put a new application in. Time is of the essence as I've got a provisional start date in Perth of the 16th March!

Thanks in advance 

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