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i dont see form 47sp

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 I am actually applying for partner visa  309/100 subclasses

i am filling form 80 and 1221 as shown in the immi account.

I was aware that a form called 47sp was supposed to be filled but cannot see it on my immi account.


Should i download 47sp, fill and attach?

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You've made 19 posts (as I write this) and every single post relates to your difficulty in interpreting the various instructions and forms that you may (or may not) have to fill in in order to apply for this visa.

For your own sanity (and that of everyone reading), please consult an agent before you go any further. An agent will know what forms need completing and can even complete them for you. They will also do it properly and not make mistakes that then need correcting. 

Please think seriously about it. You will save yourself a lot of grief.🙄

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