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Hotel or Motel Manager Skill Assessment

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Good Morning folks,
I hope everyone is doing very well. I am pretty new to this valuable forum and would like some help from the helping forum members. I intend to apply for the skill assessment for Hotel or Motel Manager. As it is not a trade skill, there is no practical exam, I am just wondering if they conduct any sort of interview or something for us to be prepared for. I do understand the importance of precise documentation, fulfilling their requirements. 

If anyone has any experience with Vetasses regarding Hotel or Motel Manager skill assessment and would like to share the process and experience, it will be very very helpful.

Looking forward to hearing from you .....

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You will need a formal Diploma qualification and relevant employment experience. 

The relevance of the Diploma to the occupation will determine how many years of employment experience will be required.

Raul T Senise

Registered Migration Agent

MARN 0636699


"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."



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Thank you for your reply  Raul. I have a Master's qualification and 1 year experience as a Motel Manager.

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