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Fruit picking/farm work in WA

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Hi all, 


I'm planning on coming across to WA late January and want to complete farm work as soon as I arrive as I'm close to the age limit to extend my WHV. I've answered a few GumTree adverts but have had no success. I've been in touch with a hostel in Margaret River who passed on some employment agencies but I won't be able to contact then till I'm in WA. I've also been on the Harvest Trail website but at the moment there is only one job advertised - any body know if this will pick up come the new year?

Does anyone have any advice - is WA hard to find harvesting work in? The jobs I have seen advertised are also only 4hrs a day in the morning (because of the heat in the summer months) which I know won't count as a full days work; which will mean it will take a lot longer to complete my regional work.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, or contacts if possible? 

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