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187 RSMS Confusion

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Hi there,

I have a condition like I am in 457 visa and I am going change my employer after continuously woking with him since june 2015. Currently I find an employer who wish me to sponsor for Rsms 187, do I need skill assessment after having 3.5+ years of experience in same occupation to apply 187 visa?

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This will depend on a number of factors.

There is insufficient information in your post for anyone to provide the answer.

Be careful changing employer, as the new employer will  need to take over your current 457 if you are going to work for them.

Raul T Senise

Registered Migration Agent

MARN 0636699


"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."



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Thank you. Yeah I am in the process of getting nomination from new employer and I believe the existing 457 visa will continue. My new employer is ready to sponsor RSMS 187. In this case do I need skill assessment to apply RSMS? If yes how long time is it take to get skill assessment as my current visa will expire in may 2019.

Thank you very much for your response sir.

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