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Gold Coast Meetups

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I've been in Australia for 13 years now, lived in WA for 8 years and most of my friends are probably there, but I felt like I was in retirement living there and moved. I have worked FIFO for the last 7 years pretty much and it has made meeting friends on the Gold Coast really difficult. I have owned a house on the Gold Coast for 5 years nearly now,  but for two of those years I was residential in Darwin and then did a year long stint in Adelaide. So I really haven't made a firm friend base! Every time I've started making friends I end up flying out somewhere again. I'm currently flying in and out of Adelaide and home Saturday & Sunday one week then Friday - Sunday the next.  Once this assignment ends I am determined to stay working nearer home if it kills me 🙂

Anyone in the same predicament or any new comers fancy meeting up? I'm pretty relaxed, easy going, 38 year old female, originally from Chelmsford, Essex. Happy to meet males or females, in fact I miss having male friends at home, probably why I work in a male dominated area! The Aussies don't seem to get men and women being friends the same way UK people do lol.






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Wanted to put more of explanation in.
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Hi @KD79UK I wish I could drive, I’d catch up with you. 

‘As you said it is hard in your occupation, especially when people who you work with probably don’t live anywhere close by.

It seems the easiest way to meet people is to join a club or sport. Do you have any hobbies? My youngest son was in to rocks and minerals and I met some wonderful people through his hobby. Even if you did volunteering one day a week somewhere when you are home it gets you meeting new people. 

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Thanks for the reply 😁 I dive but a lot of my buddys are all over the place or have their own lives. I do 10+ hr days Monday -Friday so dont want to have to commit to voluntary work. My go to has always been meetup but there dont seem to be as many group activities on anymore 😞

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