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Any Experience of Shipping Vinyl Records?

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Hi all

The removal people turn up soon.  Exciting!  We're moving from the UK to Sydney.  I have a question for anyone out there that has sent their vinyl records in a shipping container.  Do you have any tips or advice?  Anything you're glad you did or would change if you had to do it again?  Anything learnt about insurance (I haven't finalised that yet)?  

At the moment I've got all the records (several thousand of them, valued at around £50K) in plastic boxes and am planning on putting some desiccant pouches in each box.

Any advice or lessons learnt would be greatly appreciated.



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Jez, not much help but I shipped my small collection some years ago and the other way. All arrived fine. I had plastic sleeves and stored them vertically. Insurance was nothing special because the records were not rare/collectable. I'm getting rid of them now as I'm about to move back to Oz and my UK import albums should not be re-imported 😉

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