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Adhd/depression meds and support

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Hi we are moving to Perth on Dec 3rd and my husband has ADHD and depression.


At the moment he is fairly stable(despite the stress of the move!) with his current meds and I really want him to continue taking them.


Does anyone have any experience of being prescribed ADHD meds and antidepressantants when they moved over? He's currently on Medikinet for his ADHD but has taken Elvanse also. He's on mirtazapine and agomelatine for his depression and insomnia. I know yiu can choose a GP, we have a PR visa so would qualify for Medicare straight away I believe. Would it be fairly simple to get these prescriptions? I really don't want him to have a break as it affects his sleeping really badly.

Also has anyone got any experiences of any support groups for adhd or AA in and around Perth, as it would help him deal with the transition.



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You can see if they're available on the PBS list:


If they're not it may be possible to get them on a Private prescription but will obviously cost you more. When you have found a GP you could ask for a referral to a Psychiatrist, there may be some with an interest in ADHD in adults.

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The medications will probably cost about $39.50 each and between $20 - 25 for the Mirtazapine … there are a number of brand names for the generic medication so you can opt for the cheaper brand sometimes. Here in WA some ADHD medications are only prescribed by private psychiatrists (and not by GP's or public psychiatrists) - so it's worth checking when you register with a GP if they can prescribe this for you.  Alternatively google private psychiatrists/ADHD/Perth and send one an email asking if the medication can be prescribed by a GP.  I would ask your GP in the UK if he could supply you with an additional months medication and a letter to present to your new GP so that you have a bit of breathing room when you arrive.  

Not heard of any support groups - but certainly you could search of google for the information.

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Hi @mrsr1976 my son had adhd when we made the move. What I found annoying was that they made us go through all the process again, ie diagnosis, medical reports, school feedback etc. This was even though we had all the reports from the UK. We had to see a psychiatrist here with him who eventually advised us he had adhd.. yawn... and prescribed Ritalin.  We were lucky that our local GP could write repeat prescriptions for it, but as Ali mentioned a lot can’t. 

‘You can bring 3 months supply with you, sometimes you can get away with 6 months so I would definitely do that. Mirtazapine will be easy to get from a GP. 

‘I know Ritalin on a private prescription costs around $65 at most chemists, but try and go to Chemist Warehouse as their meds are a lot cheaper. You can find out the costs online https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/

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I have adult ADHD but medicated (Dex) for one prescription only about 20 years ago.  Probably easier for adults to manage than kids but hope you find a solution that suits

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