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Gday all


Does anybody in the Point Cook area hold regular Poker Nights at home rather than play in the National Poker League (NPL)?

We have been 3 times now, and it seems that they don't seem to have any etiquette, ie, seems fixed in favour of the locals. We're not bad losers, but if your not local it's hard to get your bonus chips (we get 2 stamps per drink, but locals seem to get 8).

Also, as there is no random seating and they all seem to show their cards to each other, it's pointless playing cos you'll never have a good chance of winning!


Just for the record, we're not poker kings, we just enjoy a fair game.


Anyone holding a Poker night in the near future, please let us know as we would like to meet new friends and have a decent game and a few tinnies.


Jim & Rachel

Arrived 10th June 08

Jim - Labourer

Rachel - Saviour of Foxtel!

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Guest Zagg

I love playing poker and would be interested in joining a regular game; I'm not going to land into Melbourne for a few more months yet though...


If you get something going can I be kept in the loop so I can come along when I make the move?

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