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417 - Proof of Sufficient funds?

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I am an Australian, and I am currently organizing my Girlfriends 417 Visa (looking at checking out Aus for a few months to see if we want to settle and then will progress to the partner visa if we decide to stay).

My question - they are asking for a statement proving $5000 in sufficient funds. My girlfriend does not have this. However, my father who is an Australian and currently living in Australia is happy to provide these funds.. he doesn't want to transfer into her account (we'd lose a lot in International transfer fees and poor exchange rates) but he is happy to sign anything or write an affidavit stating he will provide any funds if needed? Is this possible or are they strict on having the actual funds within the applicants account?


Thanks in advance! 

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Hi @LZed hopefully one of our agents can help answer this @wrussell or @Raul Senise. I have known people get in with less than a $1,000, this is because they don’t seem to check everyone, however, I don’t think it’s worth the risk. Can she get a credit card with a $5,000 limit? Or maybe make sure she has a return ticket.

I wonder if a joint bank account would work between your father and her, although our own joint account let’s either party draw on it. So it doesn’t offer your dad much security if that’s the case. 

I do worry that if they stop her she will be asked a thousand questions basically because you are a citizen and they will think she is coming over with the intent to remain. 

‘I’m not a Migration Agent though and the rules change so much I can never keep up. 

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What to do for the best, depends on the nationality of your girlfriend.


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Westly Russell Registered Migration Agent 0316072 www.pinoyau.com

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