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Calculating days for 2nd visa - please help!

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Hi everyone

I am hoping someone could help me as I have searched and searched for answers and I can’t find a definite answer anywhere ?

I have been working on a farm for a few months now strawberry picking. The wages are fine and I am provided with payslips each week etc but what I am struggling with is calculating which days count to my visa. 

I thought that when I first started only days that I worked 7/8 hours would count (which wasn’t many as it was the beginning of the season) but when I spoke to the payroll officer at the farm he said that for their workers it has always been calculated as any day they work counts as a day. This is due to the fact that industry standard hours for fruit picking is based off how much fruit there is. 

Is this true? I know for some other regional work there are set industry hours but for fruit picking surely we can only work until all of the fruit is picked? I am worried I won’t have enough days now! 

Has anyone got any insight on this? Or has anyone applied for their second visa and been investigated because of this reason? 

Really would appreciate any input as I am pulling my hair out! 

Thanks a lot ?

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