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Early Years Teaching in and around Adelaide

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Does anyone have any experience of Early Years teaching in Adelaide?

Could you start the registration process whilst still in the UK with just the mandatory notification training to complete on arrival. I know teaching in Adelaide is a competitive market but any tips would be appreciated. Quite prepared to do daycare ECT but school/ reception would be the goal. The main thing is gaining experience, meeting new friends and having some kind of income to get set up. 


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You might pick up casual work once registered but permanent positions are sought after. New graduates all have to do a few years in country SA to get permanency then they can apply for permanent positions in metro areas. 

By country I mean 4 hours plus drive from metro area and remote with few facilities. Not fun. 

Not sure if you are more experienced and how that would work but I guess supply might be a way in. 

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So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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