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VETASSESS deducted 2 years of employment. How should I show my experience in EOI

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I got positive assessment from VETASSESS. 

I have been working for the occupation for 3.5 yrs, however VETASSESS deducted 2 years so Number of years assessed positively: 1.5


How should I put work experience in EOI?  Should I or shouldn't I include those 2 years deducted. (EOI asks to state starting date. if I ignore those 2 years that means starting date is 2 years later than reality??)


Please help.

Thank you.

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Though you have 3.5 years experience they only count 1.5 years as you weren't qualified until after the first 2 years.  Yes it is confusing but in all cases you use the experience/qualified years not the total.

In my case i had over 10 years and didn't lose any less than that.

Kind regards



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Vetassess docked me too. I split the employment in two and checked the ‘not for points’ box for the years docked by Vetassess. I.e. I had 9years with same employer, the first considered not relevant so I put that as a separate employment if 1 year and said not relevant, and then a second employment (with same employer) for the rest, but this time as counting for points.

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Vetassess submission 31/1/2016; Vetassess positive outcome 29/4/2016
State sponsorship submission 2/5/2016; granted 3/8/2016
Visa filed 5/9/2016; CO contact 25/10/2016; Visa granted 28/10/2016
Visa activated 17/08/2017
Big move.... 5/9/ 2018 

Read about my visa journey at www.190oz.com

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