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Rainbow street Vs south coogee

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To be honest, the best thing you can do is actually visit them once you arrive, and get a feel for which school will suit.  It is a fairly quick process to enrol them once you've decided, so they won't miss out on too much.  Bear in mind which high school the schools feed in to, since your eldest isn't too many years away from high school.  Both schools should have NSW education department websites, so you could have a look at those (and in particular the newsletters) which might give you an idea of the things that they do at school.

I don't have any direct experience of these schools, because we were living in Sutherland Shire.  However, if you use Facebook you could have a look and see if there are any local Facebook groups which you could join to ask.  We had a few local ones, both Sutherland Shire-wide ones and also more specific suburb groups, and people were always asking about schools and things on there.  You usually need to live in the area to join them, but you could always contact the page admins and say you're moving to the area and ask if you could join to ask advice.

The other place you could look is on the MySchools website https://www.myschool.edu.au/.  There is information about schools on there including demographic information and results from the NAPLAN exams.  I would take the results data with a pinch of salt, they aren't compulsory and it isn't unheard of for schools to remove less well performing kids from the exams so as to boost their scores.  However, it might give you a starting point to compare the two schools you are interested in.  

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5 hours ago, newtoallofthis said:

Thank you! We went to look at both but Rainbow wouldnt let us look around claiming it was too disruptive for the kids!! 

You can sort of see their point. It is disruptive to have any Tom Dick and Harry trekking through - there’s only one of you, to be sure, but if they did it for everyone who thought they might like to live in the area they could be doing it all day, every day.  Nothing more frustrating for school staff to spend a couple of hours on a family who then either decide they don’t want to come or can’t find the right place to live in the vicinity. Believe me, in a slightly different role I’ve spent days on families who have assured us that they’ll be coming and they haven’t!

Get your accommodation sorted and I’m sure they would be happy to show you round. Another good source of information is the school gate at going home time. Watch the kids coming out and see how they are, chat to the parents, visit the closest coffee shop and see who’s there for a casual chat. 

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We have a place and we're in catchment which is why I was surprised they wouldn't show us around! Good idea though, I think we will go for a walk around end of school time xx 

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