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Melbourne rental requirements

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Hi All,

We are moving to Melbourne in October -  arranged by my employer - and I'm trying to get organised well in advance for rental accommodation. We are looking at living in the Eastern outer suburbs but wont settle on an area straight away until we have been to them in person. We have 2 children so we want to be settled in a home as soon as possible so that schools can be arranged. 

My questions are:

1. What paperwork/references will we need to provide to the letting agents?

2. What do you normally have to put down upfront before renting (fees? deposit? - what are the deposit rules? (in UK its normally 1.5 x monthly rent in deposit))

3. Is the rental market aggressively competitive? Will we struggle finding a home? I have looked online and there seem to be lots of properties for rent so I am hoping its not too bad!

4. How secure is renting? We have had such a nightmare in the UK renting where we've had to move every 2 years with little notice due to the landlords change in circumstances (selling the house, giving it to their own children, wanting to massively increase the rent or do renovation while we are living there)? We want to feel we can settle in a home without the constant threat of having to move. 

Many thanks in advance.


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Rental market can be aggressive in some areas. We had references from our AirBandB landlord that we lived in for our first month, and a rental reference from the arak. Also bank statements showing we had funds in Australia, and in your case your job offer too to prove income. We offered 3 months rent plus bond. We also made friends with a few agents, at various viewings, taking the time to personally tell them about our situation. We also wrote a cover letter to accompany application, on the advice of an agent. We pulled all this info into a single PDF and uploaded this on realestate.com.au into our profile so we could literally submit an online application whilst we were actually at the viewing itself. It took us just under three weeks from arrival to get they keys to our rental.

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309/100 lodged 03.02.2017 - Meds/UK Police requested 10.02.17 - AFP requested 04.03.2017 - Health Clearance 05.04.17 - AFP uploaded 26.04.17 - 100 Granted 02.05.2017 - arrived Melbourne 16.06.2017 and now living our dream!!

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