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Short term work in Brisbane... What?

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So I've just moved to Brisbane from the UK, I'm on a skilled migrant visa (from my dad - and the rest of my family live in Melbourne) so I'm a permanent resident, and I've just applied for my tax-file number which is being processed.
I'm 25 and a circus artist (so I know a few people and have sent e-mails to relevant people in that industry) but what I'm wondering about is getting a part time job in a cafe or something, I have experience working in a cafe as a waitress but am not a barista (sadly), I'm only here for 3 months then I have to go back to the UK for a tour and so I would be looking for something super short term, I know a lot of people backpack in Australia so I was thinking that it might be relatively easy to find that kind of work but I was just wondering if anyone has done that or if that's a totally unreasonable expectation that I have? Or if there is anything I should do to make myself more employable on the short-term? Or if anyone knows of short-term work either artistic or just general that I could get involved in? Or if anyone wants to go for a coffee? - just putting that out there.

Any advice would be welcome!


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TBH in 3 months about all you could do is casual work as you've mentioned. No one will want to hire you in a longer term position if they know you are going to go in 3 months. 

I'd go pop your face in the door of the local cafes and so on and see if anyone is hiring. Its into autumn now so it may not be the best time. 

Your visa, it may be PR but you mention you are 25, can I just ask when it was granted and how long still the travel portion of it is valid for? If it was granted a while ago and validated back then and its been a few years passed and you've just made the move, ensure you know how long you have left on the travel portion of it. And research a return resident visa so you know what it entails. Also, keep in mind if you don't actually move and settle in Aus, your visa may lapse and it could be hard to gain an RRV more than once or twice. 

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If you are quick you could get on a Barista Course on Saturday which is accredited. My son did this one when we lived in Townsville and we flew down. https://www.coffeeschool.com.au/courses/accredited+barista+courses?near=fortitude valley/4006 it is held in the city just behind the Central Station. It is $149. There probably are cheaper “coffee” courses but they won’t be accredited.

Also if you haven’t already, get your RSA and RSG done. The RSA is needed in the majority of cafes/restaurants and bars, the RSG is more for working in a bar/casino where they have the slot machines (pokies). These courses can be done online in a few hours and are as cheap as anything and worth it. A quick one I found is this link http://cleartowork.com.au/rsa-qld-online/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIku_Z8OOs2wIVwh2PCh0i_gvSEAAYASAAEgKqsfD_BwE for $26 you can do RSA, RSG and the Bartender One.

Another thing to consider is that they won’t employ you if you say you can only work for 3 months. At the end of the day a lot of places will complain that they are training you on the job and as soon as you are competent you are leaving. 

‘Places like McDonalds, Domino, Hungry Jacks are usually easy to get in to. they may not be what you want but it’s a stepping stone and money coming in.

Have you had a look at airtasker as well. It’s a great place where people post jobs, things like cleaning the house, bringing them a pizza, doing gardening, writing blog posts, ironing, walking dogs, sewing etc https://www.airtasker.com/tasks/ I know people earning a few thousand a week just doing odd jobs.

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Have you thought about a job in a gym? Lots of the gymnastics clubs offer circus skills on part time hours and coaches always seem to be in demand. 

For shop / cafe type work keep an eye on shop windows as lots of small places will just put a sign up advertising for staff.

Cal x

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