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So it’s looking like I’ve going to receive a job offer for a role in regional Australia and the company is willing to sponsor me on a 187 visa direct entry.

This is not a visa I know much about so have lots of questions. 

Firstly, what I want to understand is more about the restrictions of this visa from a regional point of view. Whilst I know I have to work in regional Australia do I also have to live in regional Australia or could we live in a metro area? What about my partner, would they have to also work in regional Australia? How long do we have to work in regional Australia for? It’s a permanent visa but surely there a timeframe after which you can work (and live?) anywhere? 


Have others been through the 187 process? I’ve been advised that we may be able to get priority processing on the visa due to the role and it being regional which means it could be approved in less than 2 months. Have others experienced this or know much about it? How realistic is this? 


What evidence will I need to submit of my prior work experience? I think the home affairs page states required to have 3 years experience (which I have) but how do I evidence this? I’ve already completed ielts and my skills assessment so least those are ready to go! 

Thanks in advance! 

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You need to work for the nominating employer in a regional area for 2 years after the visa is granted.  I'm not sure if you also need to live in a regional area but there will be limited opportunities for people to not live near where they work.  Your partner can work for anyone and anywhere.  You can evidence your 3 years work experience through the skills assessment plus documentation showing you've done the same paid job for at least 3 years following the date the skills assessor said you meet the requirements for the occupation.

I've never heard that priority processing is available for 187 visas so unless you were told this by a registered migration agent, I'd take that with a bit of a grain of salt.

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There is no specific mention of where you must live.  This is what it said on our visa grant in 2014

Your obligations
You must meet the following obligations:

commence employment within six (6) months of arriving in Australia as the holder of this visa or within six (6) months of the visa grant if you are already in Australia
remain employed in the nominated position in the regional area for at least two (2) years.

It actually had these same conditions listed under all our family visa grant notices, even though they only apply to the main applicant.  

So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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