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Self employed 189 application

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Hi has anyone gone through the process in applying for a189 visa while being self employed?

Any advice regarding references, obtaining previous tax returns etc, would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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at the time of applying for my 489 I was self employed ( for 7 years ) 

my biggest tip would be to get all your paperwork sorted before you get your skill assessed by the governing body that over sees your particular skill. 

you will need degree cert and transcript, tax returns, business registration, invoices, client testimonials, a signed letter from your accountant, and proof that it was indeed a full time job which will be shown through various things like tax return, bank statements, expenses, proof of work. 

with your "obtaining previous tax returns" question your accountant should be able to supply those no problem. if you did the tax yourself you should have these as record ( I think you have to keep them for up to 5 years ) if not, a call to the tax office should put you straight and past returns can be mailed to you. 

the skill assessment can take up to 2 months to complete so bare that in mind when your planning to get the application started as you will need this first in order to apply. 

Since moving over to Australia I have since stopped being self employed and gone full time employed as it will help me when I come to apply for the PR. possibly a thought for you? 


if like me your uni degree isn't in the skill field your work is actually in. you can use another degree along as it is within a related field. 

for me Camera Operator and film editor, my degree was in Illustration. so being an Art/media degree it was related, so speak with the assessing body to see if you need to do it that way.

If your job didn't need a uni degree such as a trade skill, other things can be used. Apprenticeship program, collage corse etc etc - speak to the assessing body.

And as always said on here... speak to a certified Visa Agent for advice. 

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Hi mate. I currently apply 190 in video editor occupation in tas. Can I ask you some questions about the policy?

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