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EOI for 189 visa for. RN

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Hello . I need to ask something if anyone can give me any idea about EOI . I am a registered nurse in Australia. , i have applied for expression of interest at 60 points on 10 april 2018 , like a month ago . . When should i expect to get invitation letter for 189 visa ?????? will it be later than those who have applied EOIs last year on 60 points and still waiting ? or they will issue EOIs for 60 points to all when it comes to 60 points ???? Plz advice . Thanks in advance . 

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I submitted mine in January with 65 points. I am writing ielts on Sat to up my points to 75, hopefully.

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HI @AmanKaur,

The EOI process for people with the same number of points goes by the order they were submitted. So if people with 60 points are waiting for a year ago, they will get invited before you. All of that being said, they have not invited 60 pointers for a very very long time, and it doesn't look like they will. In order to score an invite you should resit for the English exam to get more points if you didn't already get the maximum. If you already got the maximum then you might just need to wait until you have enough work experience to go up a tier (as long as your age group at the same time doesn't bring you down a tier). 

Having a license in Australia only changes your ANMAC assessment route, but doesn't help you to get chosen any faster for the visa. 

I re-sat the English exam and got the maximum points which gave me 75, and I was invited within 3 weeks at that time. If you got 10 more points it would put you at 70, which wouldn't be quite as fast, but you should still eventually get an invite whereas there is a chance 60 pointers will not. 

Hope this helps!

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