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Help! Negative VETASSESS outcome. What is the best way to approach?

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Hi there, 

I am very disappointed by the negative outcome. Did anyone here got their negative outcome and got positive from re-assessment? Please help.


My question is: what is the best way to position this in the reassessment application?

I'm afraid it would seem fishy if I provide another job description that goes into further details of the required tasks. I actually have a solid argument as I actually perform most of the tasks that ANZSCO required.  I'm just not sure what's the best way to approach this. 

what are the additional documents that strong enough to support? 

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If you got it wrong the first time, then pay a professional to help you get it right this time.

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I too received a negative assessment, spoke to my case officer who provided in more detail the reasoning behind my negative result.  

Based on this, some lengthy discussions with my husband as to whether we go for a re-assessment. Research into UK qualifications and how they map to the AQF.   I am currently having a re-assessment having provided additional documentation & covering letter that *should* (IMO) address the reason they cited for a negative result - but who knows - they hold the upper hand! The irony is I actually only need it for a partner skill (but we could do with the 5 extra points)  :/ 

What occupation/level of qualification do you hold?

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