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Chances of TR visa (subclass 485) or PR for International student with a history of bridging visa E?

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Hi everyone, 

I once overstayed my student visa in Sydney for 6 months due to pure carelessness, I have forgotten to renew my student visa when I transferred universities. Once I realised this, I immediately went to Immigration and they issued me a Bridging Visa E(BVE). So I went back to my country, applied for a new student visa, and tried my best to waive my 3 year re-entry ban. I wrote a statement letter to Department of Home affairs stating the reason why I overstayed and left my visa to expire. Miraculously, my student visa was granted after 2 months of waiting. So I was allowed to go back to Australia to continue my studies. So I am now back in sydney to finish my degree. 

I have 2 more semesters left, and I am planning to apply for a temporary graduate visa after I complete my degree. Under normal condition, I know that this visa should not be difficult to obtain. However, with my history of bridging visa E, what are the chances of a TR visa to be granted? Would it be possible that they will refuse due to my previous history? Will BVE history affect my chances of obtaining a permanent resident too? 

Many thanks. 

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Hi Clauvic,

My situation is somewhat similar to how yours was. Can you tell me more about your experiences? At this point, I'm just clinging onto any possible saving graces.

I failed a course during my last semester for my degree and had to extend my student visa to finish it. However, I made a blunder of not submitting enough required documents for the department. They wanted me to give them my health check results, which I only did after more than half of the semester had passed. The Australian semester is short and when the officer came back to my application, they explained my visa could not be granted because the applied period had expired. Now, I was in this whole mess alone while lacking information so I did not attempt to have the visa refusal be reviewed within the allowed period. Unfortunately, I did not pass the course that semester either and the refused application is stopping me from applying for any new substantive visa. I have now overstayed my visa trying to sort things out.

I have contacted a registered immigration agent for advice, but the best option she could give me was to return home and wait for the 3-year entry ban to expire, then apply for a new visa to come back. There is one big problem with that though, the credits I have attained thus far for my degree will have all been cancelled by that time. I literally have one last course to finish before graduation and all of my efforts these past years are just going to go to waste at this rate.

I'm sorry I can't offer any expert opinion for your question. But if I was in your shoes, I would definitely apply for the visa regardless since there is nothing to lose. Miracles already happened once, right?

Thanks in advance and good luck in finishing your degree.

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Hi Mai, 

Apologies for the late reply! I rarely open this website. 

I would like to tell you about my experiences in detail, but for some reason, I can't message you personally. 

Would you be able to message me? Also, are you based in Sydney? If yes, I don't mind meeting you if I can help in any way. 



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Hi Clauvic,

It's all good since as you can tell, I don't keep up with notifications very well either. 

Unfortunately, I haven't gained access to the message system yet and neither do I live in Sydney. Though I have tried sending the admins a request to lift the message limit, it might take some time. I will make sure to contact you again when I'm finally able to.

Thanks, looking forward to hearing from you.

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Hi Clauvic,


I would love to pick your brain as to how you got this waived??

Is there anyway we can private message?

May i ask when you were informed you have a three year ban? I assume I will have this but it has not yet been confirmed.

 I overstayed my visa by 6-7 weeks due to a miscommunication between my emplyers and the immigration agent and then my carelessness thinking they had sorted it all. Regardless, i have left Australia after being on a BVE E for 14 months. What do you think the chances are of applying for a student visa and having the ban waived?


Any help ill be greatly appreciated!!


Many thanks and i hope your well.



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