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The Pom Queen

Australia Migration Visas being refused

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I’ve heard from 5 members recently who have been refused their visa. One member actually arrived in Australia and got turned back at the airport along with a 3 year ban, whilst the remainder of their family remain in Australia.

The ones who have been refused have all applied themselves, some have even posted on here asking for help but ignored the advice given.

Please can I say to all of you, applying for a visa is an expensive, sometimes long process. If you really do want the best chance of getting in then I highly recommend consulting with a registered Migration Agent.

We have no affiliation with the agents who post on here but they have been on the forum longer than me and have helped out numerous members.

Yes you may have to pay but they won’t take your money unless they are sure you have a way in. One member is now banned for 3 years and as lost the flight money and the visa money, whereas they could have chatted with an agent and had professional advice for less and probably be on their way to a visa now.

None of the Agents on the forum have ever pushed themselves on members, or provided a sales pitch saying you MUST use them, but to be honest, over the years, I’ve seen them clean up some terrible messes that members have been in. They should all give themselves a pat on the back as most of the time they have done this in their own free time and with no charge. Most would have turned their back and said “It’s not my problem”.

Remember to always use a registered agent to protect you and your money. Make sure you use the agent direct and that whoever you use aren’t just a marketing company and outsource the work to a registered agent.  

If their business goes bankrupt you will not be able to deal direct with the agent as you haven’t employed them. We have seen a number of these Marketing style companies pop up and vanish with a clients money and also never pay the third party Migration Agent who they employed to do the work. 

‘The Registered Migration Agents who get recommended time and time again on the forum are @Raul Senise @wrussell @Alan Collett @George Lombard Etc. If in doubt feel free to make a post to see if anyone else is using your agent.

In regards to reviews on an agent always consider multiple reviews and don’t just focus on one or two negatives. The reason I say this is that we recently had a Migration Agent sign up pretending to be an unsatisfied customer of a competitor. Very childish and silly and I believe the matter is now in the hands of the legal department.

The visa process is very stressful and we all want an easy/quick way in, unfortunately there isn’t one anymore and the process is set to get harder and harder. 

‘Is it worth the hassle...... IT SURE IS!!!

I would say 92% of our membership are happy in there new life. The problem we get is that these people don’t stay on the forum, they are out enjoying their new country.  The ones who stay around are usually people/families who struggle with the transition and are considering a move back. Remember we are all different and what may work for you may not work for others. Read both the negatives and positives, check a members previous posts if they always sound negative then it’s likely to be them rather than Australia. They are not failures and nobody should be made to feel that way, they have explored another part of this wonderful world and have had an experience they can share for many years to come.

We don’t charge members for using the forum or for the friendships/advice, or the 24 hour support we offer but can I ask one thing of you and that is to give something back to the forum. If you have made the move and have stopped posting and you are happy here then please share your experience on this thread 


If you move to Australia and decide it isn’t for you then please let our members know why it wasn’t for you. 



You may even become one of our boomerang members who migrate to Australia then return to the UK then decide to come back again. At this stage I don’t have a thread for you sorry. However, we have around 3% of members who have done just that so please feel free to share your story.

Always remember this is your forum and we need your help to keep it helpful, informative and most importantly supportive.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish ALL of you the best of luck for your Migration Journey no matter which stage you are at.


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If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.

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Something I have noticed recently that is a worrying trait, quite a few  members giving advice that is sometimes wrong.

Nothing wrong with helping each other especially when it's something you have experienced, but it's very important to really know the facts before possibly giving incorrect advice. I prefer to take advice from MA's who are the professionals.


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The reason I say this is that we recently had a Migration Agent sign up pretending to be an unsatisfied customer of a competitor. Very childish and silly and I believe the matter is now in the hands of the legal department.

The conduct described could be a breach of  various provisions of the Migration Agents Code of conduct:

Clause 4.3
A registered migration agent must not encourage another agent’s client to use the first agent’s
services, for example by denigrating other agents or offering services that the first agent cannot, or
does not intend to, provide.
Clause 4.5
A registered migration agent must act with fairness, honesty and courtesy when dealing with other
registered migration agents.
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Westly Russell Registered Migration Agent 0316072 www.pinoyau.com

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I had some great, honest advice from an immigration law practitioner Gisella Ali from visa2land.

Her advice was "You've got this sorted, submit it" and she didn't charge a penny/cent. She also helped with an extension on the 28 day limit for documents on a 457 which was granted today.

Given that she didn't charge me for helping me I think a positive post about her is due!



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