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Speech Pathologist - Working Holiday Visas Welcome!

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Locum contract from late June to late October (possible further extension) to cover maternity leave in the lovely Orange, NSW!



Arrived in Oz on 417 visa: 30.01.13 > 457 Applied: 13.06.13, 457 granted: 16.07.13

186 Direct Entry Nomination Lodged: 18.03.15 Application Lodged: 02.04.15 Granted: 08.07.15

Citizenship Application: 03.02.17 (Online) Test & Interview completed: 06.06.17 (emailed 15.02) Ceremony: 26.01.18

Girlfriends 820 submitted: 14.06.17 (online) Case Officer Assigned: 15.02.18 820 Granted: 8.03.18

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