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Peter Wong

Working experince for Nurse, Anmac Assessment

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Regard to the assessment of a minimum 3 years, international work experience; My work experience was 34 months in Emergency Nursing (ANZACO code: 254415) and 2 months as a Nurse Coordinator (ANZACO code: 254499). Can two different roles of nursing experience be combined as minimum of 36 months work experience to access the five points for migration.  

Also, which ANZACO should I submit ? 

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Hi Peter,


You can claim if your occupation falls in the same unit group and in your case it falls into the same unit group.


Please see example mentioned below


What is a closely related occupation?

How is this determined? Generally all occupations within the same ‘unit group’ are considered to be closely related. The unit group for your occupation can be easily recognised from the first 4 digits in the ANZSCO code for your nominated occupation. For example, the following occupations fall under unit group 2621 Database and Systems Administrators, and ICT Security Specialists


If you have nominated the occupation of ICT Security Specialist [262112] which is on the MLTSSL, but have work experience as a Systems Administrator [262113] or Database Administrator [ 262111], both of which are on the STSOL, you would be able to claim skilled employment points as your occupation would be considered closely related.

Don’t forget that to claim skilled employment points you must have performed duties that are similar to those described in ANZSCO and at the appropriate skill level.

For example if you were claiming work experience as a Systems Administrator [262113] your role must have involved responsibilities as follows


If your role did not require a skill level as above and you were perhaps only doing doing paperwork surrounding system administration, you would not be able to claim skilled employment points for that job.


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