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BVE or wait for PR

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I ceased employment with my 457 Employer Sponsor almost 90 days ago, unfortunately I just found out that they didn't fulfill their obligation to inform the Dept.of Home Affairs (I did tell them). This has meant that I missed out on a job. Anyway, we're awaiting the outcome of a PR application submitted last August and I wondered if anyone had experience of applying for a BVE. My migration agent says I could request online to cancel my 457 but I'm not sure what the process is if I do and could we apply for a bridging visa?

I'd rather not be unlawful for any amount of time and I haven't worked for a while now so I don't want my husband to lose his work rights - but I'd definitely like to get back to work! I don't know if we should risk cancelling the 457 or just wait for the PR to be granted?

Any and all advice welcome.

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It will depend on your situation and your Agent should be providing guidance in this regard, based on your specific situation.

If your 457 is cancelled while you are in Australia, you will become unlawful. You will then get a bridging visa E, with no work rights. You can apply for work rights, but there is no guarantee that you will receive them.

Once on a BVE, you cannot apply for a BVB in you need to travel. This can be a huge issue.

As you would have been unlawful, your Citizenship clock also resets.


Raul T Senise

Registered Migration Agent

MARN 0636699


"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."



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Thanks Raul - Thats good information. The issue of travel is a biggy for us as my daughter needs to fly back to fulfill visitation rights for her father...and I travel for work. We've no trips planned until June but can't guarantee the PR will be finalised by then. 

Its such a shame as the processing times were so much quicker when we submitted our application.

I appreciate your help.

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