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NSW or Queensland ?

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Hello there

I am in the process of planning our move from Uk to aus. I am an osteopath so would be looking at the 189 visa which is great. Job opportunities are good in both NSW and Queensland however I am unsure where would be best for my son. He will be 11 when we move and need some advice on areas where there are good schools . I would prefer to be close to Brisbane or Sydney so not too far out into the countryside. The school choice will dictate where I look for a house so any recommendations welcome. He is also catholic although I aren’t sure it the catholic schools are good or not over there ?

Many thanks for your help


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There’s nowhere that screams “best schools” they’re all over the place and Catholic schools are as good as any. Go where you can get a job and the rest will fall into place. They’re both (very) big states!

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If you're going for a Catholic school, then I'd say they are more consistent across the states so it's not going to matter.  It will become more of an issue when you start considering which suburb to live in.

Your bigger consideration should be the cost of housing.  A very modest house close to a good school in Sydney is going to cost you well over a million dollars.

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"The stranger who comes home does not make himself at home but makes home itself strange." -- Rainer Maria Rilke

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