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Jenny Cogjen


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Hi all, 

I am desperately searching for the information about my visa... 

I am located in Perth, WA. 

My migration agent lodged my RSMS nomination and visa application as a financial broker nec in Feb 2017. RCB was approved before RSMS application. 

However, nomination was refused in June 2017 and the migration agent advised me to apply for the AAT so we did. 

But she did not do anything about my visa application. 

I found out late that my visa application was refused and she did not lodge AAT for my visa application. She only lodged AAT for the refused nomination. 

Now, Perth has been removed from the locations for RSMS since March 2017 and my visa application was definitely refused (did not lodged for AAT). Just in case the nomination was approved after the hearing from AAT, can I still lodge my visa application? 


Hopefully someone can advise me on this matter... thank you very much in advance. 



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If the visa nomination was refused, then the visa had to be refused.

To take a visa refusal to the AAT, you need either an approved nomination, or a refused nomination under review at the AAT.

The AAT does not have the discretion to allow late applications for review to be lodged. 

From what you have posted, it appears that you would have to develop a new visa strategy; if posible.

Westly Russell Registered Migration Agent 0316072 www.pinoyau.com

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