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Got PR but only stayed for 1.5 year.

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    Hi everyone

    I got my PR, skilled visa in 2012, moved to Brisbane 1 May 2016 and just left mid Janaury 18. In September last year I got RRV for one year as I had only been there for little more than a year and the travel facility ran out. 

    It looks like we will be living in England for the next year or two. My current RRV expire in late September 18. We are living here because my Australian boyfriend got a job here. Does anybody know of the likelihood of me getting a new RRV in 1-2 years time?

    I don't have property in Australia and my only tie is my boyfriend.

    Many thanks for your thoughts.

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    It will depend on your specific situation but there is Migration Policy which covers such situations. Probably best not to let your current RRV expire before lodging a new one.

    Raul T Senise MARN 0636699


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