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Surburb advice

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    Hi All, 

    Wondered if anyone has any surburb advice? We currently live in Wimbledon, London and will be moving over to Sydney as soon as my partner visa comes through. We are planning to rent when we first come over but I feel it makes sense for us to rent in an area we are then likely to be able to afford to buy in (probably looking at a buying budget of around $1.5m) and definitely want a house (3 bed + as opposed to an apartment) we’re very much city people here (in our early thirties, like the bar/cafe culture) and that is what I think we may end up doing in Sydney.

    However, my partner’s parents live in Woy Woy on the central coast and you seem to get a lot more for your money there. If we live in the city would we miss not having a big yard/pool especially in the summer which is something we could get on the Central Coast.


    I also think the commute into Sydney from the central coast may be too far which is where one if not both of us are likely to work. Are there any surburbs in between that may offer the best of both or does anyone have any recommendations for city surburbs?



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    If you're in your thirties and want to be among other young professionals in a cafe culture, then you need to be in the Inner West (no further West than  Summer Hill), or Eastern Suburbs.  $1.5 million won't buy you any house in the Eastern Suburbs so I would write that off.   The Inner North suburbs do have cafes and restaurants, but they have a different vibe, more "ladies who lunch", and they're also very expensive.

    In the Inner West, you might get an older-style house with a courtyard garden, no parking, like this:


    Remember to allow for the fish-eye lens they've used, (which makes the house look bigger than it really is!).  Newtown is a fairly run-down suburb, but it has a grunge/boho feel that appeals to young people.  Houses like that will cost you much more in the "nicer" areas of the Inner West.

    Whether you will miss a pool depends on how well you handle the heat.  It gets very hot in summer, and if you're living in the West, it can feel stifling because there are no sea breezes to cool you off.  You're also a good hour from the nearest beach (and when you get there, you'll spend another hour trying to find parking!).  That's why personally, I would go for an apartment in a  block with a communal pool.  

    I'm also a cafe/city girl, and always said that if I couldn't afford to live in the inner suburbs of Sydney, I would rather live somewhere else altogether because the outer suburbs are too boring (which is why I'm now in Melbourne...).   I'm trying to think of other areas which would work for someone your age. The Central Coast is good for young families so you would find people your own age, but they are more likely to have kids in tow.  

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    Scot by birth, emigrated 1985 | Aussie husband applied UK spouse visa Jan 2015, granted March 2015, moved to UK May 2015 | Returned to Oz June 2016

    "The stranger who comes home does not make himself at home but makes home itself strange." -- Rainer Maria Rilke



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