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Child Visa questions

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I have dual citizenship for Uk/Australia and lived in Australia from April 00 to November 02, plus I've been coming/going eversince I first went backpacking around Oz in 94! However, I did all this before I had my child so my question is: Would I have to apply for citizenship by descent for my son, pre entering Oz, or could I do it once we arrive in Oz? My Aussie friends of almost 20yrs, think I wouldn't have to do that till we arrive in Oz? Plus my Aussie passport has expired also, so the last time we came to visit, Xmas 2015, I obtained visas which confused passport control somewhat, and I was told I didn't need to do that as I had citizenship and that I should've just travelled on my British passport but can't remember If that applied to my son too? I am hoping to move back at the end of July or August but the property prices, rent rates and general cost of living in Melbourne, where all my support network and previous job are, are freaking me out?? Thanx in advance 

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I think it would be easier to apply for Aus citizenship for him if you are eligible to and able. I don't know the ins and outs for eligibility and if you can pass it on to him. You would have to research that. 

You will also need an Aus passport to travel and enter Australia on. Applying online for a visa now for yourself the system will not let you I don't expect. You are an Australian citizen and should not be using a visa or U.K. passport to enter Australia on. It would be silly to make the same mistake again as you are clearly aware of the Aus passport requirement now. 

Get organised and start things in plenty of time. 

So applying for his citizenship by descent and then attending an interview in London for his passport and your own would make sense. It should all be mangeable. 

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