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Citizenship Processing

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Hi - I have found the information posted on the DHA site stating 75% take 12 months to process and 90% take 15 months, but, I am unable to find out what month they are up to e.g. October 2017.


Can anyone point me in the direction where I can find this info?





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We applied for Citizenship April 1 2017 and we have our ceremony on Feb 14 2018. So 10 months Start to finish. We are in Queensland and ceremony on the GoldCoast

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Fitter 4112 - Agent Apointed 28/01/09 - TRA Successful 08/05/09 - Visa 175 Submitted 12/05/09 - CO 30/8/11- Police checks uploaded 16/09/11 - Meds Finalised 28/09/11. Visa Granted 14/11/2011 :ssign19:in oz since Feb 12

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