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    Hi, big ask, but would anybody be able to tell me all I need to know about a years working visa in Australia? I’m thinking of going in the next year, I’ve done loads of research but figured it would be better to ask people with experience. Thanks in advance :) 

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    What exactly are you looking for?

    The WHV means you can visit Australia for a year, possibly 2 if you do the farmwork.

    The year you are there, do no consider trying to advance you working career unless you get lucky.

    Think of it as an extended holiday, which it is.

    You can make some friends, have some fun, explore a new country.

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    Everyone is going to want to do/see different things. Tbh I'd focus on the things that appeal to you to see/do and plan your trip around those. Try to ensure if you are doing the farm work that you time the season and area. No point missing the harvest and arriving 3 months after in Qld say. 

    Do you want to visit all the major cities? If so plan to arrive in one and go from there. I'd advise to not keep criss crossing back and forth across the country as it gets expensive. If you really don't want to go see the middle (that big red bit), then don't. Plenty of other places to go see and experience around the coast. 

    Enjoy, go with the flow and make use of backpacker hostels where others are doing the same as you. 


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    I'm in Australia at the moment.

    You can't look at it as an extended holiday, you will be living here for up to 2 years so you need to know what Australian  know but quicker.



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