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Case office assigned Tasmania 489

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    Hi All

    I recently received email saying that Case office was assigned to my case for 489 visa 

    Al though my Job code is not in State list but its in consolidated list . 

    What should i expect next ?


    I have 75 points with State sponsorship 




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    When did you paid for your visa.


    I paid in mid December and still awaiting response and for case office..

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    im in the same boat as Sagga, 

    I have paid for my visa and also completed my medical. 

    bit odd that even though Tasmania was willing to sponsor you, the DIBP said no. 

    how long where you waiting for a case officer ssgaurav2000 ? I'm wondering if its because you hadn't paid the fee and that might in their eyes made it easier to say no. 

    as I can't see why they don't accept skills on the Tasmanian consolidated list... whats the point in the list then ? 

    I'm only saying this as I'm on the consolidated list, as is SAGGA. 

    what skill was it you where applying with ? 

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    sounds like you were refused after this application by Tasmania State Growth Dept

    Normally if successful you would be accepted via email by the State Growth department and a link would appear in your Immi Account to start the next section where you fill out more questions and then pay the visa cost. then after paying you will be able to go ahead with medical, police check etc to complete the application

    This is all then passed to DIBP case officer for their final opinion on the case and then if all correct and no miss information has been used it should be passed. 

    so unfortunately to me sounds like you where declined at the first step. but I'm sure someone on here would know the exact cause and or procedure as I'm not an agent. 


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