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So I’m just working out my points to decide whether it’s an 189 or 190 visa I need to apply for.... it kind of depends on what ANMAC accept as experience. I have worked as a registered nurse for the last 5 years since qualifying with a diploma in nursing, I have recently topped up to a degree in order to apply for a visa so will my previous experience count or only my experience since obtaining the degree? 

Thanks in advance for anyone who has any info on this ?

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I'm guessing it will be the post degree experience, since that is what is on the DIBP's criteria. It's always prudent to be conservative than risk a rejection.

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IELTS : 13/08/16: W8 S8 L9 R9. F2w ID Check/Rcvd: 15/08/16, 23/08/16 HCPC/SoR CoGS sent: 23/08/16. Skills Ax sent/Rcvd/granted: 30/08/16, 12/09/16, 10/10/16. AHPRA sent/AIP : 05/09/16, 28/12/16. EoI/invited: 20/1/17, 01/02/17. 189 submitted: 06/02/17, Caseworker: 23/02/17. Medicals: 31/03/17. Grant: 12/04/17. Child 101 submitted: 09/06/17. Granted: 06/07/17. Landed: 01/09/17.

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ANMAC's result letter will positively assess all relevant employment taken since registration, as long as the applicant has also taken further training to top up the diploma to degree level. So with that in mind, immigration can go with ANMAC's advice (and have done so in the past), but one of the things about 'points test advice' is that it's exactly what it says: advice. Immigration are free to go with it, or make their own mind up. As DukeNinja says, the case officer may decide to only count post-degree experience as this is more in line with the Department's guidelines. As usual, there's no guarantees here. You may wish to err on the side of caution if you have the option to do so.




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