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Where do I even begin with the VISA process!?

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Okay, so I really want to move to Perth, WA. 

Luckily I've worked there as a Head Chef before on a holiday working VISA so I know Perth pretty well. Before I left to come home I was offered a permanent working VISA at the place I worked. Unfortunately, due to personal reasons I had to come home back to the UK. 

I've been back now for about 2 years and all I want to do is go back out there to enjoy a better lifestyle and bring my partner (who came with me and worked in Australia too on the holiday VISA). 

I don't know where to even start, I've booked myself in for the IELTS test to prove I can speak good English. But what's the next move? Just approach Australian Businesses online and hope to get a sponsor again? Or pay thousands of ££s out to some random VISA company?

Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it! Rob.

Also I would like to add that I have been a Chef for over 13 years now, so I have a lot of experience. 

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Apply and get a 189 Visa so you aren't dependent on 1 company and its various personalities and politics sponsoring you! 

Check you have enough points or will have after the test, sit English test, put in an EOI (expression of interest) on the immi gov website then await an invitation to apply. When you put your EOI in, put in for a 189 and 190 incase you fall short on points.

That's a start. I am unsure of status of partner and or what skills assessment you need as a Chef. 



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The Ielts test isn't to make sure you speak good English, it's so you can get more points when you apply for your visa, Download the ebooks and tips and revise on how to approach this test, If you have a UK passport, you don't need the ielts test other than to get points. 10 or 20 points can be achieved with ielts so make sure you get as much as you can. 

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The first thing is to look on border.gov.au and see which list your occupation is on. This will dictate which visa you can apply for. 

If it is on the medium and long term list, then a 189 may be possible. 

Then, on the list it will tell you who the assessing body is. From which you can check what is required for the skills assessment. If you are happy you can pass, then start that started. At the same time calculate your points. You need a minimum of 60, but more the better. 

With ILETS, make sure you do prep. Do not assume you will do well just because you are a native speaker. It isn't unusual to have to take it more than once. 

Once you have a positive skills assessment and ILETS and are happy you have the points, lodge an eoi. Then, you wait to be invited. This is where points matter as more the quicker the invite. Once invited you apply. 

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You can also contact a Registered Migration Agent for a free, no obligation assessment of your chances. After that, depending on whether you think the application will be tricky or not, you can choose to engage their services, or do your research and undertake the visa yourself.



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Richard Gregan Registered Migration Agent 9905168, MIA 880


Direct telephone 0131 625 6900


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