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Visa after PhD

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I have a Student visa (subclass 500) as PhD student. I will be PhD student still three-four years.

But what after? I think I may get Temporary Graduate Visa (sub-type 485) for four years. And I want to work in a university as PostDoc or lector.

After that, there is 186, 189, 190 and Temporary Skilled Shortage (TSS) visas. But if I will be work as PostDoc may I expect only on 186 from university (in MLTSSL isn't included any university professions)?

So If I want to get 189, 190 or TSS, I will have to go on some MLTSSL professional for one year (for example IT) after PhD?

I don't have work experience and I do a Phd in physics (My master and bachelor degrees are also in physics); I am 25 years old.


PS My wife will arrive in Australia with me and will be working (her job presents in MLTSSL). Now her working visa is linked to my student visa. Maybe does she has more chance to submit to 189, 190 visas?

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I want to add that visa of my wife is linked to my student visa (Australian Dependent Student Visa). Does she have chance to submit to 189 or 190 visas (and to include me also even though I have 500 visa) after a year of her work as a soft engineer?  She has a master and bachelor degrees in physics.


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I would say that your wife applying for a 189 looks the best option with you on her visa.  This will give you both better rights than the student visa you are currently on too.

In the end it doesn’t matter who qualifies to get the PR you will both be granted the visa. Your wife can apply as soon as she qualifies, many engineering occupations do not require work experience for assessment.


maybe you could consult an agent to get a full overview and point you in the right direction.

So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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