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Employer not ready to give reference letter for Skill assessment

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I am processing for Skill assessment under engineering Australia. I have submitted Self Declaration from one of my co-worker while submitting the document. 
I got the below message from assessor " Please note that affidavits are not accepted in lieu of 5 point duty statement from the company. You are therefore advised to provide the 5 points duty statement from the company" 
So now Question is.....
1. As per my company policy, I will only get the reference letter after leaving the company as they are liable to provide only for EX-employee. HR person is ready to give me on email why they cant give the letter. 
Also, they have given my letter which includes my tenure and designation with working hours. 
So can I go ahead and submit that letter and attach an email from HR? 
2. Why did EA not accept my Declaration? Do I need to submit another declaration? 
Please, someone, help me here. How I would process further.


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