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BVA from student visa once 189 visa is applied?

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Hi Everyone,

I am new here and any help is highly appreciated :) 

My 485 visa was about to expire so I applied for a student visa on 22/10/2017 and BVA was granted.

I received the invitation for 189 on 06/12/2017 and applied for the visa on 07/12/2017. Today (12/12/2017), I was granted BVC saying this visa is not in effect because my BVA is currently in effect.

My question here is, should I withdraw my student visa on my own or wait until CO guides me? Also, I read somewhere that there are 28 days cooling date once you withdraw your visa upon CO guidance and then only CO will grant you the visa?

Thank you so much in advance and I really hope to hear from you all very soon :) 

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If you withdraw your student visa application, your BVA will be cancelled and you'll be left on your BVC.  The rights on your BVC are likely to be more limited than those on your BVA so that's something you should consider.

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Thank you so much Maggie for getting back to me :)

Upon checking, both of my BVA and BVC looks quite similar to me. Like in both of them I have permission to work and study, but no travel. The only difference is under "Visa Conditions" for BVA it says "NIL", but for BVC it says, "8304 - SINGLE IDENTITY". So I'm guessing that shouldn't be a problem right?

Thanks again 

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1 hour ago, MaggieMay24 said:

One difference though is that while you hold a BVA, you can apply for a BVB if you want to be able to travel overseas and re-enter Australia.  This isn't possible if you hold a BVC.



Oh okay, that I didn't know. Thanks Maggie :) 

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