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Moving Back and Selling Contents of Flat

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Hello Everyone,

I will be moving back to the UK in the New Year and will be selling off all contents of my flat, i will be uploading pictures in the coming week. Ideally this would suit someone who has just moved to Perth

ideally i could sell the whole lot, or piece by piece. If anyone knows of anybody this would suit please get them to get in touch. 

I am based in Joondalup with plenty of parking for trucks / utes ect for moving.

the list includes: Double Bed and Mattress x2, Beside table, Dining room (table seats 6), bedroom Unit, lamps x2, couches 2 seater and 3 seater, TV Unit, TV, Coffee Table, SIde table, Fridge, BBQ and Smoker,

Pots, pans, cutlery, plates, bowls, ect.

anyone is welcome to come past and have a visit, i know whats its like to get started in a new country and how hard it can be, if i can sell the lot in one go a discount will be given. not looking to rip anyone off just want rid off it all.

Please share 





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All the best for your move back. I would, if you haven't already, pop it all up on Gumtree and just update the advert to show what has sold.

We did this before moving from the UK and, despite my reservations that things would sell, we only had one item unsold! People came from far and wide to buy potplants!

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Also have a look for local Facebook buy and sell groups.  I sold a huge amount of things through our local ones before we moved back.

Good luck with your move!

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I had a garage sale before my big move. Basically sold everything. And it was amazing what people brought. Stuff I was going to throw out (old pots, empty jam jars, dried flowers) - ones mans trash is another mans treasure :)

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