Hi all, First post here. Our situation is a little unusual in that we are a same sex couple - with me from the UK and my better half Australian. We are living apart at the moment but plan for me to relocate from Merrie Olde England to NSW. We wish to marry so are hoping that SSM legislation will be passed soon to enable this, and are currently making tentative plans based on the assumption that legislation will pass and as far as immigration is concerned will mean the same rules currently applying to straight couples for fiancee and marriage visas will also apply to us. Following on this assumption, I'm a bit confused / surprised about the Class 300 visa. Do citizens of all countries who enter Australia to marry have to apply for the 300 before arriving, or is this only for citizens of countries that cannot use the e-visitor system? Most countries allow people to enter for weddings quite freely, usually on a regular social visit/holiday/family visit visa, then afterwards to apply for the main partner/residency visa. Is this not the case in Australia? We want to do everything strictly legally to avoid any issues, and so will start down this road as soon as we can if need be, but wanted to check to ensure we don't plan for needless expense and paperwork on a visa we don't need.  Thanks for putting up with my ramblings! Jasmin