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    ive been a member on here for a while now and I'm seriously considering travelling to Australia. 

    I'm willing to go alone however it would of course be lovely to have a travel companion and gain a new friendship!

    if anybody is interested in going to Australia from the UK please message me so we can discuss!

    im from Cheshire, UK.

    thanks :) 

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    Hi @jessicagrunner how exciting, have you any dates planned? There are lots who travel here on their own but within a day they have a circle of friends. One thing I will say is if booking a hostel make sure you are put in a dorm that is English speaking. I've known a few young girls arrive and been placed in a dorm where none of them spoke English, this made them very homesick. One girl was ready to take the next flight home.

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    On 10/27/2017 at 23:48, jessicagrunner said:

    I'm willing to go alone however it would of course be lovely to have a travel companion and gain a new friendship!




    Going it alone is better in my opinion. You will meet loads of people easier that way.

    Or you could join a Travel Buddy website:


    Spending a year in Australia when I was 20 on a WHV, is the BEST thing I have ever done.

    I too have been in a dorm where nobody spoke English, but since I was only sleeping there, it did not matter. I just wandered into the lounge area and got chatting to others there. But reading the post above, my mind literally boggles that anyone would contemplate taking the next flight home after being in such a situation. That is so ridiculous. One of the points about traveling is to broaden your managing and coping skills. 

    My best suggestion for booking a dorm room, is to ask for an all female dorm. As males (in a mixed dorm) tend to snore and fart too much. I would also try to avoid dorms with Japanese girls, as they have an absolute obsession with individually packing all their clothes, shoes and toiletries, cameras, passports, money, and everything they own in a million plastic bags and like to rearrange and pack their backpacks and suitcases very very early. Plastic bag rustling at 3.30am is very annoying. Whilst this may seem like a generalization, I can assure you it is a very real epidemic.  It ONLY ever happened with Japanese females for some very strange reason.

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